Imagining Life without BlackBerry Devices

RIM is doing what it can to ensure they don’t fall out too quickly. But if there’s one thing they’re definitely prepared for, it’s facing the loss of their service with whom a majority of corporate customers depend on for communication.

With the stock value of Blackberry stumbling to more than 75% earlier last year and with an additional 20% drop last month, RIM could be losing faith from its investors despite successful devices like the Torch 9810. With BlackBerry’s upcoming system in the BB 10 delayed for the next several months, the company has been pressured to make a decision to either sell out its assets or start looking for an interested buyer.

Even though RIM continues to build on to its reliable infrastructure, corporate users from all over the globe have made contingency plans in case RIM fails to meet expectations on its next platform next year. Shareholders who have attended RIM’s annual meeting earlier couldn’t help but express their disappointment and displeasure. With losses piling up, the company has nowhere to go but succeed if they plan on retaining its worldwide customer base.

There have been concerns with regards to how the new BlackBerry platform will fare when it makes its debut next year. While it may be normal to have manufacturers go out of business due to the lack of support and innovative idea or through financial perils, RIM refuses to back down.

A majority of RIM’s customers that have kept the company alive today are those coming from the corporate sector. While companies worldwide are witnessing RIM’s slow descent to the unknown, many are already prepared with their own set of backup plans. Millions of employees heavily depend on BlackBerry for mobile communication. Users who have been with the company since the very beginning are actively asking for alternative options in case RIM falls out.
Analysts have predicted a calculated risk of the RIM being bought. But if you’re an ordinary user outside of the corporate world it may not really matter. The heart of the company is through its enterprise services. But recently, RIM is threading down to catering social services aimed at the young generation.

RIM’s strong and reliable infrastructure is one of the reasons why they’re still very much alive. Its assets are considered valuable and large companies from around the world continually rely on BlackBerry for their businesses. But with fear of RIM taking a nose dive, many have devised replacement plans of shifting to other mobile handsets.

RIM’s recently hired CEO is asking patience from the public. The company is currently working with its developers around the clock on its new BB 10. It’s a work in progress but RIM believes it’s poised to turn things around next year. IT analysts believe RIM’s enterprise servers will still linger. But with Apple and Android rapidly taking over in providing security and corporate management, RIM will have to act quickly.

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