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What is The Best Proxy Service?

The term proxy service is commonly used in the context of computer networks. Many businesses around the world are making use of networks for purposes of communication and sharing different types of data both within and outside their boundaries. The world’s largest network is the internet. One thing that is common in computer networks is the aspect of the server. A server (just like those Web hosting providers like HostGator use) is what relays information to the client or the browser when you request for pages or websites on the internet. In order for communication between clients and the server to be effected, the use of a proxy service has to be brought into the picture.

In the context of computer networking, a proxy service is a server; either software or hardware which basically acts as an intermediary for the requests that come from clients who are seeking to get resources from servers. When you are surfing the web, the client, which is the browser will have to connect to the proxy and request services like files, web pages, web connections and other data that is stored in another server. The proxy service evaluates the requests that are coming from the client to ascertain whether they are legit and coming from an authorized party before it can connect to the main server. Majority of the proxy services that you would come across today are basically web-based proxies which help to facilitate your connection to the World Wide Web.

There are many types of a proxy service that you would interact with when working with computer networks. Proxy services are not just idle monitors. There are some proxies that are able to alter the requests coming from the clients and the subsequent responses from the server side. So what is The Best Proxy Service? Perhaps, this is a question that is lingering in your mind at this point. Well, there are many types of proxy servers out there on the internet and elsewhere. The decision on the service that suits you best will determine which proxy is the best one for you.

Here are some of the major proxy services available today:

- Anonymous index

This service allows for private and anonymous browsing. It also allows you to hide you IP address and manages advertisements on websites.

- HideMyAss Proxy

If you want to enjoy free and anonymous browsing at those times when you want to hide your identity on the internet, this is the kind of service that you need to be using.

- Proxy7

This is a free web-based proxy. When you are suing this proxy, you are able to surf the internet safely and securely. If you do not want anyone to track your activities on the internet, this is the anonymizer that you need to be using. It also prevents the placement of cookies on your computer.

- Pro proxy

This server offers free and anonymous surfing benefits. You can make use of this free tool and enjoy surfing the internet securely and freely without necessarily having to reveal your identity. If you want to avoid the effects of spyware and cookies, this is the proxy service that you have to be using.

- Games proxy

This one helps you to enjoy playing your favorite flash enabled games on the internet for free. This is a fast and more so secure proxy service. This service is not just limited to games alone but you can also use it to browse other favorite websites on the internet without having to worry about your identity being revealed to suspecting internet users.

- Proxy Hero

This is a secure and fast US proxy service. It is PHP based and much easier to use than many other types of proxy services out there. Today, you can get this server application completely free and enjoy browsing the internet anonymously.

- Proxy Drop

Lastly, here we have a free proxy service with support for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It comes with the usual features that you can expect to get from other proxy services but most importantly, it helps to ensure your anonymity when you are browsing the internet.

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